Nebraska 150

History was made in 1869.
In 2019, the future unfolds. 

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The University of Nebraska was chartered on February 15, 1869 and charged with its land-grant mission of public education and service to Nebraska.  In 2019, we mark a 150-year legacy of improving the quality of life for Nebraska and beyond.  Please join us in celebrating the historic past of your University and helping us chart a bold new future.

Husker Karaoke

Calling all crooners! Be a part of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s 150th Homecoming celebration by singing along to “Dear Old Nebraska U.” Your rendition of the tune could be featured in a compilation video of Huskers singing across the globe!


Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture Series with Eileen Bergt

June 19, 3:30 p.m. in the Love Library Auditorium

As a part of this special monthly N150 series, Eileen Bergt will present “Growing a Campus: Landscapes at the University of Nebraska.” Bergt is a Landscape Architect and Assistant Director, Landscape Services.

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Welcome Home! - Take a Campus Tour

Campus tours are available from April 1 – October 31

Campus is always changing—new academic buildings, new residence halls and new green spaces. Yet much of the campus remains the same—a place where you created memories and can relive them today. Schedule your tour with the Nebraska Alumni Association today.

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July 15, 1919
Tractor Testing Laboratory Starts its Engines

When tractors and mechanized agriculture equipment began to be in wide use in the early 1900s, farmers and others were concerned that the equipment delivered what the manufacturers promised. The Nebraska Legislature enacted a law — one of the earliest pieces of consumer-protection legislation in the United States — that required all tractors sold in the state to be certified by the university.

The Tractor Test Laboratory opened on East Campus in 1919. Over the years, thousands of tractors have been tested in the lab and the adjacent test track. In 1980, the building was designated by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers as a historic site, and named for Lester F. Larsen, the man who directed the lab for 39 years.

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Lester Larsen
University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus skyline outline